Students currently enrolled in PhD programs in the Biomedical Sciences, Psychology, Public Health, Health Outcomes (Pharmaceutical Systems & Policy) may apply to the BBS Program.

The entire BBS faculty meets each spring to discuss potential entrants to the program. The academic performance of each student in the first year courses is considered, along with evaluations provided by their PhD program faculty. Only students with an overall first year GPA above 3.2 are typically considered, unless extenuating circumstances are noted.

Flow of BBS Program from application to individual PhD Programs, to consideration for and entry into the T32 training program, to completion of the training program. Students apply to and are accepted into Biomedical, Psychology, or Public Health PhD Programs. Students with behavioral research interests are targeted and mentored for possible inclusion in the BBS Program. Up to two years of T32 support is provided for the most productive and promising students.

The BBS Training Program is supported by a National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) sponsored predoctoral training grant (T32 GM132494).

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