The Stevenson Scholarship was established to recognize graduate students in fields related to Behavioral and Biomedical Sciences at West Virginia University as they pursue further education and professional development. The scholarship is in recognition of Dr. James Stevenson for his devotion to the Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry at West Virginia University.

2021 Recipients

  • Serhii Bahdasariants (Sergiy Yakovenko, Exercise Physiology)
  • Paige Currie (Karen Anderson, Psychology-Behavioral Analysis) 
  • Jennifer Kelleher (Christina Duncan, Clinical Psychology)

2020 Recipients

  • Mason McCollum (Charles Anderson lab, Neuroscience)
  • Ilana Haliwa (Melissa Blank lab, Psychology)
  • Ashley Douglass (Melissa Blank lab, Psychology)

2019 Recipients

  • Jacob Boos - Mentor: Dr. Werner Geldenhuys (Neuroscience)
  • Cecelia Nelson - Mentor: Dr. Dan McNeil (Clinical Psychology) 
  • Allison White - Mentor: Dr. Vincent Setola (Cellular and Integrative Physiology)

2018 Recipients

  • Amber Billingsly
  • Divine Nwafor
  • Jenni Owsiany

The BBS Training Program is supported by a National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) sponsored predoctoral training grant (T32 GM132494).

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