Features of Our Program

  • Trainees receive $30,000 annual stipends. $27,144 of this is funded through NIH, and the rest by the HSC Office of Research & Graduate Education. Full tuition waivers and student health insurance.

The Systems Toxicology Predoctoral Training Program provides training at the interface of systems physiology, environmental exposures and toxicology. It draws on graduate faculty in our Biomedical Sciences Training Programs at the WVU Health Sciences Center with strong training and research backgrounds as preceptors; resulting in an outstanding range of approaches to the understanding of interaction of physiological systems and toxicities.


The Training Program selects the best PhD students from the participating Biomedical Sciences Training programs at the WVU HSC and will prepare them with the skills, knowledge and acumen needed for a successful career in systems toxicology research. The specific training for each mentee will be tailored based on their annually updated Individualized Development Plan (IDP), and a “Career Options” Program will help prepare them for their chosen career.

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Program Contacts

A photo of Timothy Nurkiewicz.
Timothy R Nurkiewicz, PhD
West Virginia University
Professor and Chair, Physiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology
A photo of James Simpkins.
James W. Simpkins, PhD
West Virginia University
Professor, Department of Neuroscience
Professor, Physiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology
Professor, Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute (SOM)

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