Welcome to the WVU HSC syTOX Program, a comprehensive training initiative designed to equip PhD students with the essential skills, knowledge, and acumen required for a successful career in systems toxicology research. Our program selectively recruits the best candidates from participating Biomedical Sciences Training programs at WVU HSC.

Students enrolled in PhD programs in Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, Psychology, Public Health, Health Outcomes (Pharmaceutical Systems & Policy), and Clinical and Translational Science are eligible to apply for the syTOX program. The application process is open as early as the end of the first year of graduate school.

Each successful applicant will benefit from a personalized training experience, tailor-made according to their annually updated Individualized Development Plan (IDP). Additionally, our "Career Options" Program is designed to prepare mentees for their chosen career paths.

Join us at syTOX and pave the way for a rewarding journey in systems toxicology research. Take the first step and apply now!

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