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Centers and Institutes

Here you will find a list of Interdisciplinary Research Centers, Mission-based Centers and Institutes.

Internal Funding Sources

Our Internal Funding Sources offer many programs to bridge funding periods, promote collaborative interactions between laboratories engaged in relevant research, increase faculty competitiveness in obtaining extramural research support and much more.

Resources for Researchers

Our Resources for Researchers page offers information on HSC Pre-Award Support Services, HSC Internal Study Section, and Tweak My Aims.  Additionally, there are other helpful links that are updated regularly with additional resources that you may find to be helpful.

Research Concierge: How can we help you?

NIH Guidance on Peer Review Integrity

NIH & AHRQ Update Font Guidelines

New Rigor and Reproducibility Chart in NIH Applications

Shared Research Resources

Multiple modern core facilities support institution-wide research at WVU. Each facility is overseen by a member of the faculty and many facilities are managed by doctorate-level personnel. Our goal is to provide to users cutting-edge technology and expertise in design and interpretation of experimental data in support of innovative research ideas.

Updated biohazard incident response form

The new biohazard incident response form has procedures for spills and for exposures involving biological materials.  The last two pages are the incident response form that you need to fill out and send in within 24 hours of an injury/incident. Take the sheet and hand it to the medical professional with all of the information completed.

Faculty and their designated staff members are to follow this process for minors, visitors and volunteers that work in their labs on the WVU Health Sciences Center Campus.

Lentivirus Exposure Plan/Information/Protocol