Pregnancy and Pregnancy Outcomes

As part of the C8 Health Project, female participants were asked to complete questions about their pregnancy and birth history, including any difficulties experienced during the pregnancy, birth, or medical conditions with which the baby may have been born (i.e., congenital birth defects). The results reported on this page represent conditions and diagnoses as reported by the participants themselves. These diagnoses have not been verified by a clinician, or by review of medical documentation, and therefore are to be considered only as accurate as the participants' self-reports and / or their understanding of the survey question as asked.

Information on diagnoses verified through review of medical chart documentation are reported elsewhere within this website.

Results are summarized only for the first and second pregnancy and only for pregnancies with one baby (single live birth). Only pregnancies for mothers aged 14-49 years of age at the time of birth are summarized here.

First Pregnancy with Single, Live Birth

Second Pregnancy with Single, Live Birth