Animal Models and Imaging Facility (AMIF)

Animal Imaging Equipment

The Animal Models & Imaging Facility (AMIF) provides small animal imaging and support for preclinical models for West Virginia University researchers and their collaborators. We are conveniently located within the OLAR Animal Facility in the WVU Health Sciences Center.  The AMIF currently performs acute and longitudinal studies on both mice and rats. The AMIF is a fee-for-service facility run by skilled technicians who are available for consultation and assistance with experimental design and data interpretation. In addition, we can provide users with individualized training to independently perform imaging experiments.

Acknowledging the Animal Models & Imaging Facility

Please remember to acknowledge the relevant grants that support the Animal Models & Imaging Facility in all your publications:

Imaging experiments and image analysis were performed in the West Virginia University Animal Models & Imaging Facility, which has been supported by the WVU Cancer Institute and NIH grants P20 RR016440 and P30 RR032138/GM103488.

If you make use of the following equipment, please include these additional funding sources:

  • VisualSonics Vevo 2100: S10 RR026378
  • XenX Irradiator: U54 GM104942
  • IVIS SpectrumCT: U54 GM104942
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