Photo of Image Processing & Analysis Equipment

Dell Precision workstation with 128 GB memory, dual Intel Xeon processors and dual NVIDIA graphics cards for visualization and analysis of large imaging datasets

Living Image 4.5

In vivo imaging software for analysis of bioluminescent and fluorescent probes acquired with the IVIS systems

Vevo LAB 2.2.0

Image analysis, measurement and annotation for Vevo 2100 micro-ultrasound images

Vevo Strain: speckle tracking for measurement of myocardial strain and strain rate
Vevo CQ: quantification of perfusion kinetics
Digital RF Mode: export RF data in digital format

SkyScan Micro-CT Suite

DataViewer: displays reconstructed results, which can be rotated and resampled, as a slice-by-slice movie or as three orthogonal sections
CTAn: builds 3D models from micro-CT scans and measures comprehensive 2D and 3D morphometric parameters plus density
CTVox: volume rendering program displays reconstructed slices as a realistic 3D object with a clipping tool to produce cut-away views and controls to adjust colors and transparency
CTVol: surface rendering program provides a virtual 3D viewing environment, with a wide range of options for 3D presentation of micro-CT results

Figure Prep

• Adobe Acrobat
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Microsoft Office

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