Photo of SkyScan 1272 Micro-CT

High-resolution X-ray microtomograph for imaging fine scale internal structures for samples up to 75mm in diameter, 70 mm in length

Research Areas/Applications

• Bone Pathology
• Electronics
• Biological tissues with contrast
• Entomology
• Dental
• Geology 

System Specs

• 0.45 µm nominal resolution at maximum magnification
• 20-100 kV peak energy X-ray source
• 6-position automatic filter changer
• 11 Mp, 14 bit, cooled CCD X-ray detector
• Variable acquisition geometry
• Integrated micro-positioning stage

Software Suite for Reconstruction, Analysis & Visualization

NRecon: the world's fastest large format reconstruction, supporting beam-hardening and misalignment correction, ring artifact elimination, and drift compensation
DataViewer: displays reconstructed results, which can be rotated and resampled, as a slice-by-slice movie or as three orthogonal sections
CTAn: builds 3D models from micro-CT scans and measures comprehensive 2D and 3D morphometric parameters, plus density
CTVox: volume rendering program displays reconstructed slices as a realistic 3D object with a clipping tool to produce cut-away views and controls to adjust colors and transparency
CTVol: surface rendering program provides a virtual 3D viewing environment, with a wide range of options for 3D presentation of micro-CT results

For more information please visit Bruker SkyScan 1272 page 

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