Vevo 2100 Ultrasound image.

High-frequency micro-ultrasound for preclinical imaging of anatomical structures and hemodynamic functions with down to 30 micron axial resolution

Research Areas/Applications

• Cardiovascular Imaging
• Abdominal Imaging
• Tumor Imaging
• Developmental Biology
• Image-guided Injections and Biopsies

Imaging Modes

B-Mode: 2D image acquisition for visualization and quantitation of anatomical structures
M-Mode: high temporal resolution of motion for cardiovascular functional analysis
3D-Mode: volumetric acquisition and quantitation of tumors and other structures
Color Doppler, Power Doppler and Pulsed Wave Doppler: direction and velocity of blood flow
Contrast Imaging: tissue perfusion and biomarker quantitation using microbubble contrast agents
ECG and Respiration Gating: limit movement in the field of view for cardiovascular, 3D imaging 

Solid-State Linear Array Transducers

24 MHz MicroScan Transducer: rat cardiology and abdominal imaging
38 MHz MicroScan Transducer: mouse cardiovascular and abdominal imaging
55 MHz MicroScan Transducer: mouse tumor, cardiovascular, embryo and abdominal imaging
70 MHz MicroScan Transducer: mouse superficial tissues and tumors, vascular imaging

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