Nikon A1R HD-Multiphoton image.

The Nikon A1R HD MP provides deep-tissue intravital imaging in four colors and is equipped with an anesthesia system and monitoring equipment for live animal experiments. 

Microscope Specs

  • Nikon upright FN-1 microscope
  • Motorized Prior ZDeck adjustable platform
  • NIS Elements AR software with General Analysis and denoiseAI

Laser Specs

  • Coherent Chameleon Vision II IR Laser (680nm – 1080nm)

A1R MP Specs

  • A1R Multiphoton Scanhead with galvano and resonant scanners
  • 3 GaAsP NDDs, 1 HE PMT
  • Automatic laser alignment and tuning


  • CFI75 Apo Water 25X/1.1 WD:  2mm
  • CFI75 Apo Water 16X/0.8 WD:  3mm
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