Experimental Therapeutics

In silico drug design magnification

In silico drug design magnification

Overarching Mission across WVU

  • Coordinate therapeutic activities across WVU
  • Create a rich research environment for faculty and students to interact with regard to experimental therapeutic development
  • Assist in creation and discovery of new therapeutic agents or formulations of existing agents
  • Validate potential translation of molecules through pre-clinical pharmacology, kinetic and dynamic studies
  • Support clinical trial activity
  • Bridge industry and community partnerships

Community, Translation, Validation, New Molecules

2019 TME Pilot Grant Award Competition FOA: Request for Proposals


Faculty Contact

Paul Lockman, Ph.D.

Asst. Vice President of Experimental Therapeutics
West Virginia University Health Sciences Center
Professor, Benedum Fellow and the Mylan Endowed Chair
Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy
Associate Director for Translational Research, WV Cancer Institute
Phone: 304-293-0944

Dr. Paul Lockman

Research Forrest