Women at Work The Office of Research and Graduate Education and WVCTSI's Females Advancing Clinical and Translational Sciences Group host a podcast listening and discussion event of an episode of Harvard Business Review's Women at Work series (6 seasons, >10 episodes/season). In each episode, the HBR interviews an expert who discusses gender, tells stories of own experiences, and gives practical advice to help women overcome common obstacles at work.

CTSI FACTS Group The Females Advancing Clinical and Translational Science (FACTS) Group is a professional development and networking group focused on empowering women conducting clinical and translational science. Individuals of all genders are invited to join.

Teaching Scholars Program The HSC Teaching Scholars Program is a two-year program in which first-year scholars attend weekly workshops. Second-year scholars meet monthly to collaborate on research projects. In addition, second-year scholars act as mentors for the first-year scholars.

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