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HSC Pre-/Post-Award Centralized Services

The HSC Office of Research and Graduate Education offers centralized pre-award support services to HSC faculty when such services do not exist within their department.  Services include: review/interpret funding opportunity announcement/guidelines; develop a timeline for proposal preparation and internal processing; budget development and preparation (includes providing a budget justification template); provide facilities and resources template; prepare proposal package (e.g. ASSIST package); prepare KC blue sheet for internal processing of the proposal and submit the proposal to the Office of Sponsored Programs.  HSC centralized support is also available to complement departmental pre-award services as needed. 

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Internal Study Section

A0-Intent for Pre-Review Form deadline to submit is November 22, 2019.

A1-Intent for Pre-Review Form deadline to submit is January 2, 2020.

Internal Study Sections dates and deadlines

As part of our effort to support PIs we have established an internal HSC wide study section for pre-review of proposals.  Our goal is to provide constructive feedback in a timely manner to support increased competitiveness of applications.  Pre-review has become a requirement for PIs accepting bridge funding from the Office of Research and Graduate Education, but this service remains otherwise optional.  Faculty are strongly encouraged to participate. 

We will follow NIH style format for discussion and review and panels will be held to the highest level of confidentiality.  Components needed for review are: Abstract, Specific aims, Research plan, biographical sketch, budget justification, animal section (if required), and human subjects (if required). Inclusion of a plan for authentication of key biological and/or chemical resources should be included if applicable.

Summary statements are required for (A1) revised grants.

We have aligned our internal study section with NIH deadlines for new (A0) and revised (A1) grants. 

We will return the review to the PI within a week following the meeting, allowing approximately two weeks for modification of the grant if desired.

Only packages that have the required components will be accepted for review.  For A1 submissions, in addition to the complete proposal package, the review critique (“pink sheet”) received from the sponsor (NIH study section) must be submitted.  This allows internal study section reviewers to also advise PIs on responsiveness of the revised application to the sponsor critique.  

Please notify Holly Legleiter via the “Intent for Pre-Review" form above.  This information is critical for planning purposes for the reviews that are to be done in each review cycle.

At the time of submission please include either a specific aims page or an abstract to assist with reviewer assignments.  You may also make recommendations for people to review your proposal on the intent form although it is not required.  Please be sure to use the A0 form for new proposals and the A1 for re-submissions. 

Tweak My Aims

Request Tweak my Aims service

We have initiated a new service through the Office of Research and Graduate Education in support of grant submissions. Referred to as “Tweak my Aims” we now invite any PI to provide a specific aims page AND biographical sketch for review by submitting a "Tweak my Aims Service request form" using the request link provided above.  Upon receipt, we will forward your documents to three faculty for immediate input.  The suggestions will be returned to the PI within approximately 5 working days.  We are so grateful for the response from faculty with significant grant review experience that will make up our standing review panel which includes approximately 40 individuals across diverse disciplines.  

Please note that this is not intended to replace the standing internal study section organized by our team, but rather to augment it through early and rapid feedback on two critical pieces of any grant application.  In addition, it is not intended to provide detailed content critique but rather a sense of how effectively the PI has captured the proposed work as being compelling, innovative, and impactful.  Reviewers are asked to make comments on general readability, clarity, connectedness of the aims to an overall goal, etc. to provide any pointers that will strengthen these two elements.

Please notify Renee Lewis (renee.lewis@hsc.wvu.edu) or Lana Yoho (ljyoho@hsc.wvu.edu) with any questions regarding the Tweak my Aims program.

We hope investigators find this additional service helpful in our ongoing goal of supporting each other at the HSC.  Please continue to offer us any suggestions on additional services that will strengthen your competitiveness and make this a better place to do your research every day.

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