HSC Post-Award staff assist PIs with the overall financial and programmatic management of projects, timelines, deliverables and other initiatives as stated within the sponsoring agency’s award agreement.  

HSC Post-Award staff are not part of OSP’s Post-Award Unit or Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) but works in close collaboration with both institutional offices. HSC Post-Award services are provided at a higher management level and not transactional in nature. Transactional post-award assistance (i.e. assistance making a purchase or moving an expenditure) is provided by the University’s Shared Services Center.

The following services are provided to faculty receiving HSC OR&GE Post-Award support:

  • Provide overall strategic management of sponsored awards and portfolios for PI’s by providing guidance in the areas of grants management, reporting and compliance.
  • Provide monthly, detail financial reports addressing burn rates, spendable project balances, overall project budget and variances.
    • Ensure all financial pieces are accurate and reflect agency approved budget.
    • Identifies problems or inconsistencies with your budget, salary support/effort and advices to ensure your budget is not overspent, underspent or improperly managed.
    • Reviews financial and other activities to ensure compliance is maintained regarding allowability, allocability and reasonableness of expenditures posting to sponsored projects, contracts/agreements.
  • Ensure personnel (efforts) are set up accurately and responsibilities for each project team member are documented.
  • Provide assistance with the completion of a diverse range of progress reports, award close out and/or related projects.
  • Routinely discuss progress made and any other concerns the PI may have on the overall project.
    • Help facilitate actions to correct errors or challenges faced during the project performance period.
  • Provide oversight and guidance on sponsor, federal, state and institutional policies and procedures.
  • Collaborates with OSP on the establishment of an award when needed.
  • Assists with the completion of any status change requests, no cost extension requests, budgetary revisions, etc. in collaboration with OSP and SPA.
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