Center for Advanced Imaging

The Center for Advanced Imaging is operated by the WVU Department of Radiology The PET/CT facility uses a Siemens Medical Systems Biograph 16 PET/CT scanner and a Philips Medical Systems Gemini time-of-flight PET/CT scanner. Both systems are capable of quantitative whole body clinical imaging.

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In addition, The Center for Advanced Imaging houses a General Electric Medical Systems PETtrace cyclotron capable of producing the most common PET radionuclides (11C, 18F, 13N and 15O). This facility also has the equipment for synthesis of a number of PET radiopharmaceuticals. The MRI facility operates five MRI scanners: a Siemens Medical Systems Vario 3T scanner, two Siemens Medical Systems 1.5T Avanto scanners, a General Electric Medical Systems 1.5T Twin Speed scanner and a Philip Medical Systems 1T Panorama open MRI scanner. All the systems have clinical imaging capabilities.

The outstanding imaging facilities and staff at the CAI form the clinical arm of the Center. An image-focused NIH-funded group of laboratories form the other research arm.

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