The tumor modeling in syngeneic (immunocompetent) or immunodeficient mice as well as PDX production is both labor- and time-intensive. The calculated costs include the cost of purchase of NSG mice, tissue procurement, labor, surgical supplies and equipment and surgical suite usage fees, animal holding per diems, and tumor imaging. The final cost will vary depending on the specific project. Based on these calculations, the production of one animal with successful engraftment of tumor or PDX ranges from $100-1,000/per study. GEM model cost varies based on the tumor growth properties and spontaneous nature and could range from $100-600/study. Propagation of established PDX/per mouse will cost $100-400/mouse depending on growth time. The full list of procedures offered by PTMCF and most recent pricing for internal and external users could be found under Transgenics/PTM Core Facility at

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