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Past Student Participants


Biochemistry/WVU Cancer Institute

James Thomas Booth, "Transcriptional regulation of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transitions". Mentor: Dr. Alexey Ivanov

Excercise Physiology

Gregory Ede, "Effects of E-cigarettes vs. Standard Cigarette smoke exposure on the respiratory tract structure and function". Mentor: Dr. Mark Olfert

Infectious Diseases

Lena Kretzmer, "Assessing concordance between two modalities for generating liver fibrosis scores in Hepatitis C patients in care at WVU hospitals: implications in expanding access to curative treatment to West Virginians infected with Hepatitis C". Mentor: Dr. John Guilfoose

Jon Michael Moore Trauma Center

Andrew Abrahamian, "A Rural Center's Perspective on Metabolic Bone Disease and Trauma". Mentor: Dr. Uzer Khan

Neurobiology & Anatomy

Scott Holmes, "Characterizing novel openings in the dorsal surface of vallate papillae and their potential implications to oral cancer". Mentor: Dr. H. Wayne Lambert

Brandon Neeley, "Peripheral Biomarkers of Delirium and Cognitive Impairment in Sepsis". Mentor: Dr. Candice Brown

Divine Nwafor, "Sepsis and CNS Impairment". Mentor: Dr. Candice Brown

Allen Rickards, "Neural remodeling in the stellate and superior cervical ganglia following cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease". Mentor: Dr. H. Wayne Lambert


Garrett Jones, "Role of Wnt signaling in the growth of synaptic terminals during early development". Mentor: George Spirou


Ogaga Urhie, "Multifaceted focus research in healthcare disparities/outcomes, clinical assessment of the role of dexamethasone in a treatment of subdural hemorrhage, and study of the development of neurodegenerative disease following traumatic brain injury". Mentor: Dr. Sanjay Bhatia


Vanessa Cuppett, "Antisperm Antibodies and Male Infertility". Mentor: Dr. Rajesh Naz


Brooke Bertus, "The Development and evaluation of the use of screening optic disc photographs to determine referability for glaucoma".  Mentor: Dr. Anthony Realini

Karl Shaver. "Telemedicine as a Screening Tool for Diabetic Retinopathy". Mentor: Dr. Ghassan Ghorayeb


Derek Andreini, "Examining small colony variants under various possible clinical conditions". Mentor: Dr. Bingyun Li

Christopher Bell, "Examine the antimicrobial and toxicity properties of an new antimicrobial peptide". Mentor: Dr. Bingyun Li

Anthony Machi, "Electrolysis as an Adjunct Treatment in Postoperative Orthopedic Implant Infections". Mentor: Dr. Matthew Dietz

John Allison, "Testing hypothesis of addition of an electric current to an infected knee replacement will enhance antibiotic treatment and decrease the time and cost of recovery". Mentor: Dr. Matthew Dietz

Physiology & Pharmacology

Tina Nguyen, "Exploring Human Cardiac Leptin Resistance in Obesity". Mentor: Dr. Hangang Yu

Radiation Oncology

Mark Kenamond, "Comparison of different radiation treatment modalities in mediastinal lymph node coverage in the management if non-small cell lung cancer". Mentor: Dr. Malcolm Mattes


Tyler Buchanan, "Secondary Undertriage: Delayed Trauma Transfers from Rural Hospitals". Mentor: Dr. Jorge Con

Nicole Werwie, "Extracting correlations between the expression of interleukin-6 and its receptor to survival status and other clinical parameters among breast cancer patients using an open-source cancer genomics portal". Mentor: Dr. Linda Vona-Davis


Tyler Overholt, "The Relationship between Fitness/Activity levels and Commons Urological Complaints: A WVU Clinical Experience". Mentor: Stanley Zaslau




Cyrus Hajiran, "Proteomics profiling study of lung cancer of miners in Appalachian West Virginia region".  Mentor: Patrick Ma



Tyler Calkins, "Development of a Stable Luciferase Vector in a Metastatic Osteosarcoma Murine Model".  Mentor: Brock Lindsey

Kalin Fisher, "Identifying small colony variants of Staphylococcus aureus in infected osteoblasts".  Mentor: Bingyun Li

Samantha Bleull, "Examine the bactericidal effects of antimicrobial peptides on intracellular Staphylococcus aureus".  Mentor: Bingyun Li


Surgery, Trauma

Morgan Johnson, " Aortic Injuries in a Rural Trauma Center".  Mentor:  Uzer Khan



Justin Harvey, "Reproducibility of Central Corneal Thickness Measurements in Healthy and Glaucomatous Eyes". Mentor: Anthony Realini

Derek Deshaies, "Determining the optimal age for the introduction of optical low vision devices to visually impaired children".  Mentor: Charles Moore



Emily Witsberger, "A Study of Ointments used in Ruby Hospital NICU: Efficacy in treating neonatal diaper dermatitis".  Mentor: Panitan Yossuck


Neurology and Anatomy

Kyle Miller, "Amyloidosis and Taupathy: An Iron Hypothesis for Alzheimer's Disease".  Mentor: Wayne Lambert

Jordan Swearinigen, "Extracardiac neural remodeling in humans with cardiomyopathy".  Mentor:  Wayne Lambert





Student: Sarah Bowen
Faculty: Jing Jie Yu, MD


Student: Anna Alappat
Faculty: Ghassan Ghorayeb, MD


Studenst: Elias Joseph, Seana Sears, and Patrick Suggs
Faculty: Bingyun Li, PhD; Brock Lindsey, MD; and Ming Pei, MD, PhD


Student: Matthew Schmidt
Faculty: Ansaar Rai, MD

Emergency Medicine

Student: Aisha Ullah
Faculty: Danielle Davidov, PhD

Neurobiology & Anatomy

Student: Julia Paulet
Faculty: Wayne Lamber, PhD

Mechanical Aerospace Engineering

Student: Cullen Grover
Faculty: Osama Mukdadi


Student: Claire Oliver
Faculty: Stan Zaslau, MD