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The oral presentations of research: Design of the oral presentations to be announced soon.

The poster session will be held at the Health Sciences Center, Learning Center Commons on March 22nd in the morning.  Only one abstract per person will be accepted.  The abstract should state the objective of the study and/or the hypothesis being tested, the methods used, the data obtained, the conclusions and the relevance of the studies to human health. The poster session is open to undergraduates, professional program students, graduate students, residents, fellows, and postdoctoral researchers.  The posters are judged by faculty and winners are chosen from each category. WVU HSC Undergraduate students will present their posters during the session with all of the visiting students on Thursday, March 21st, from 2:30-4:00PM in the Learning Center Commons/Pylons lobby.  Graduate students, residents and fellows will present their posters on Friday, March 22nd, in the morning in the Learning Center Commons.

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