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WVU Purchasing Instructions


ARU/PI or his/her designee must submit the request through Mountaineer Marketplace.

The Radioactive button MUST be selected on the Non-Catalog Form

In the product description include the isotope, activity, compound, license #, expiration and PI name.

  • Product description should include:
    • Isotope requested (e.g. P-32, H-3, I-125, S-35, C-14 etc)
    • Radionuclide Activity (e.g.,.005 mCi, 1 mCi) (written in mCi or uCi only)
    • Compound (e.g., deoxycytidine 5’ triphosphate/dATP; Adenosine 5’-triphosphate/ATP; Sodium Chromate/Cr-51, Thymidine/H-3, dCTP, CTP etc).
    • NRC License # and Expiration Date
    • ARU/PI Name


Shipping address MUST be:

Radiation Safety 
G252 South
64 Medical Center Drive
Morgantown, WV 26506


Phone number must be  304-293-3413


Radiation Safety does NOT contact the vendor. The order is sent through Mountaineer Marketplace to the vendor. If there are specific instructions, the requesting department is responsible for contacting the vendor.


Upon delivery, RSD will:

  • Accept delivery of radionuclide order;
    • Radionuclide deliveries are normally received in HSC Central Receiving between the hours of 10:30am and 3:30pm M-F.
  • Process each package according to regulatory requirements;
  • Notify the ARU/PI or his/her lab personnel when a radionuclide package is available for pickup in Radiation Safety Department, Room G-149 Health Sciences-North;
  • Obtain the necessary ID and signature from the ARU/PI or his/her designee picking up the radionuclide package;
  • Release the package to the ARU/PI or his/her designee; and complete the required receiving data entry.
    • Additionally, any person who will be transporting radioactive materials across public highways must have current DOT training that meets the requirements listed in 49 CFR 172 Subpart H. This training has been made available through SOLE and will be required by all labs utilizing radioactive materials who are off HSC campus. Radiation Safety will not under any circumstance give radioactive materials to lab personnel to transport across public highways unless the individual has completed the required DOT training. This training must be renewed every two years.



  • Radionuclides cannot be ordered using a procurement card or any other credit card!
  • A separate Mountaineer Marketplace order must be generated for each radionuclide ordered, with an allowable quantity limit of 1. (Ex: 1 mCi of P-32, 1 mCi of P-33.
  • Authorized Radiation User/Principle Investigator must have prior authorization for the radioactive materials and activity being ordered.
  • ARU/PI can only have in inventory (including waste) the total activity they are authorized to possess for a particular isotope.

For additional assistance

Please call:

Lori Brownlee
Radiation Safety Department
Phone: 304-293-3413
Email: lbrownlee@hsc.wvu.edu