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Welcome to the Future of Clinical Education

West Virginia Simulation Training and Education for Patient Safety (WV STEPS), is a premier facility at West Virginia University Health Sciences Center delivering innovative inter-professional healthcare training. Technology enhances education as our Simulation Center helps clinical learners improve their analytical, diagnostic, communications and crisis-intervention skills.

At WV STEPS we utilize a variety of patient simulators capable of everything from trembling and crying, to bleeding or giving birth as well as mannequins and trainers to give clinicians the opportunity to learn, rehearse and perfect procedures from the simple to the highly complex. Inter-professional education is stressed as nurses, pharmacists, physicians and other members of an integrated health care team train together, just as they perform in the healthcare setting. This integration enhances the educational experience for all professions involved. Customized clinical experiences are tailored to the level of our learners, from students to hospital professionals. Our high tech recording equipment gives us the ability to provide audio and video documentation of successful performance.

Whether it's computer-based systems for improving intubation skills, simulated OR suites or virtual humans who mimic cardiac distress, our Simulation Center helps clinical learners improve their analytical, diagnostic and crisis-intervention skills.