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About Us

WV STEPS is the primary simulation center for West Virginia University Health Sciences Center, Morgantown Campus. As such, we provide educational support for all of the schools within the health science community. Funding is supplied from the various schools through main line item budgets, as well as student lab fees. Organizationally STEPS is under the School of Medicine and conducts daily business as one of their centers. STEPS also provides education for the graduate level students to include Graduate Medical Education and Nurse Practitioner programs.

Vision Statement:  Promoting patient safety, improving health.

Purpose Statement:  The purpose of WV STEPS is to enhance individual and inter-professional healthcare education using simulation and to promote innovative educational research, leading to improved patient care and safety.

Mission Statement:  The mission of WV STEPS is to advance healthcare education and promote innovative educational research, leading to improved patient care and safety.

The Center provides a safe and supportive environment for deliberate practice of clinical skills by individuals and teams, including the development of inter-professional, collaborative competencies. Dedicated staff provide an exceptional learning experience utilizing the full spectrum of simulation.

Statements from our Learners:

I loved doing this! I thought it was a great learning experience and complimented what we are learning in lecture. It has helped the lecture material make more sense and given me conϔidence that I will be able to use what I learn in lecture, in practice.”

‐Micah Plants, School of Pharmacy

“Our STEPS simulation center provides us with opportunities to get hands on learning before clinical work and our new ultrasound curriculum helps us better prepare for the future of medicine.”

‐Adam Knecht, School of Medicine