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Holiday 2014

Standardized Patient HOLIDAY Newsletter


WV STEPS Construction is underway

Demolition has begun on the 3rd floor hallway which will become our simulation center expansion. This was once the hallway that led from WV STEPS to the Nursing Skills Lab.  Now, you must traverse the distance on the 2nd or 4th floor, or just enter the building at the North Side (Learning Center or Family Medicine).



Thanks to the efforts of our director, Dan Summers, SPs are now permitted to park at the HSC main entrance parking area (lot 80) on the days/times they are scheduled to work.  Your name MUST be provided to the booth in advance (we will take care of that) and you MUST mention that you are an SP for STEPS.  You may be asked to provide identification. 


Preceptor Feedback

Following the History taking encounters this fall we asked our preceptors to give us some feedback on our SPs in terms of accuracy, pace, feedback, realism, and professionalism.  Thirty five preceptors responded and the average scores ranged from 3.43 to 3.66 on a 4 point scale.  Congratulations, this is extremely commendable!


New Staff

The next time you’re in the office, please welcome Rebecca Schartiger, our new simulation information specialist!  Becka comes to us with an EMT background and will be working on becoming our Learning Space expert.


SP Trivia

  1. Why are SPs “Standardized”?
  2. When were SPs first conceptualized and by whom?
  3. True or False:  SPs are fully responsible for student grades.

Answers:  1. To ensure all students receive a consistent and accurate learning experience, 2. 1963 by Howard S. Barrows MD, 3. False: SPs have an IMPACT on student grades by providing feedback and checklist data but it is the faculty who determines a student’s final score.


Upcoming Events

MI Final Ultrasound

  • December 10, 15, or 17*
     *each SP assigned to one date only

MSII Ultrasound Program

  • January 12 – March 13

Final CPX Date

  • January 23

H&P Refresher Training

  • January 2015 (date and time TBA)

MSII History & Physical

  • January 28 – February 20

MSII GTA Sessions

  • February 23 - 26


SP Celebration

We are postponing our annual SP celebration this year until the end of next semester. More information to come!!


The Staff of WV STEPS would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Holiday Season. 
Thank you for your continued dedication to our program.



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