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Summer 2016

Standardized Patient Newsletter

Summer 2016


New Medical Director

Dorian Williams, M.D., professor in the Department of Family Medicine and medical director of the Clinical and Pharmacologic Research Center has been named assistant dean for simulation and technology in education in the School of Medicine and medical director of the WV STEPS David and Jo Ann Shaw Center for Simulation Training and Education for Patient Safety. Dr. Williams replaces David Wilks, MD, who will retire July 1.  Congratulations to both!!

Dorian Williams, MD


Learning Space Intuity

CAE Learning Space is now called “Learning Space Intuity.”  You will notice minor changes to the interface.  To familiarize yourself, please go to http://mls.hsc.wvu.edu, click the SP box, find your last name and enter your password to login.  From there, access the Video & Photo release.  If you have not already AGREED to the statement, please do so now.  Let us know if you have difficulty.


*NOTE: When you are using Learning Space at Steps, DO NOT exit the small intercom box and DO NOT adjust computer volume, otherwise you will not be able to hear in room announcements.



New SPs and GTAs

Since fall of 2015 we have gained several new and outstanding SPs and GTAs. Welcome to everyone!

Jessica Clemente
Mike & Regina Cooper
Scott Hofer
Greg & Barbara Knight
Steven Minardi
Susan Siderovski
Sue Turnbull

Meagan Jacobsen
Lisa Staubly


New Staff

You will soon see two new staff members around STEPS: Katheryn (Katie) Smalley and Jillian Gregory.  Katie has been an SP for a few years and will now be overseeing the Learning Space operations. Jillian comes to us from WVUH and will be assisting Gina with PDCI courses. 



Katie                                                                      Jillian



Pat Fedeles Award

The tenth winner of the Patricia “Pat” Fedeles Award for Compassion in Physical Diagnosis was presented to Rebecca Brown on March 22, 2016 (pictured below with members of the Fedeles family).  This award is presented to the second year medical student who portrays ongoing compassion, friendliness, and an overall caring attitude toward patients, peers, faculty, and staff.



GTA and MUTA Program

This year we were able to provide the Physician Assistant students at West Liberty University with both Gynecologic and Male Urogenital teaching associates.  In addition, the WV SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) program utilized our GTAs for their first ever practicum training.  Congratulations to all our instructors and models for a job well done.

If you know any healthy, outgoing, 20-40 year olds (male or female) in the greater Morgantown area who would be interested in earning a significant hourly wage teaching sensitive exams, please send them our way. 


CHSE Certification

Four STEPS staff achieve national certification in education using simulation. Jason Craig, Rusty Doerr, Lee Ann Miller, and Dan Summers, have become certified as healthcare simulation educators (CHSE). Those who achieve certification demonstrate proficiency in simulation principles, practice, and methodology as well as education and assessment of learners using simulation.



Training Tidbits

·         When providing feedback to learners, it is best to refrain from sharing personal information about yourself, your family, or your profession.  In general, you have only 2-5 minutes for feedback so focus on learner behaviors for the benefit of their education.


·         All timers are now on the in room computer.  If you need a tutorial on how to use it, please let us know.  For larger events, we will use the in room intercom system.


·         Please silence cell phones and do not answer calls or texts during an encounter or during feedback.  If you need to leave the room between students, please let a staff member know.


·         Limit personal chit chat with students after encounters/feedback to keep the rotations within the designated timeframe.  Student and center schedules are very tight.


·         When you arrive for an encounter at STEPS, don’t forget to “check in” at the computer in the SP Staging Area.  And don’t forget to “check out” when you leave.  This mechanism tracks time for payment.


Upcoming Events

·         CPX – July 15, 18, 20, 22; August 10, 12, 15, 17, 19; January 9

·         Alderson-Broaddus SP encounters – July 21, 28; Aug 10

·         New SP and SP Refresher TrainingAugust 2016 TBA

·         SANE Practicum for GTAs – September 16

·         History & Physical – begins October 3

·         Ultrasound – October 10 & 12 for chest; December 12 & 14 for extremity



Spring Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the following Standardized Patients who celebrated this spring:


Tony Roush, Judy Dlugos, Stan Dlugos, Mary Ellen Koenn, Ray Rutherford, Nancy Mcintire, Mike Cooper, Karen Long, Jessica Clemente, Lisa Staubly, Donna Gillum, Danielle Donahue, Shea Adkins, Ed Michael, David Frabutt, Kate Heaney, & Breanna Jahn.




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