Presentations and Publications


Virtual Transition of an Interprofessional Home Health Simulation- Adam Hoffman, Kathryn Smalley, Gina Baugh- IPE Nexus, Minneapolis, MN, 2022

Miller, L., Polonko, I., Fisher, S. (2022, December).  Standard of Best Practice: Project report.  International GTA/MUTA Association, Online.

Baugh G, Kurowski-Burt A, Maynor L, Stamatakis M. Go Big or Go Home! Creating Large-Scale Interprofessional Education Sessions. Heartland Interprofessional Education Conference. July 2022. Virtual Oral Presentation. Accepted.

Smalley, K. (2022, August). Huddling Together to Improve Patient Care.  IPE Nexus Summit. Minneapolis, MN

The Importance of Hemodynamic and Blood Gas Monitoring - North Central West Virginia Chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses – Adam Hoffman, Virtual, June 2023

Miller, L., Polonko, I., Craig, J. (2023, June). Sharing experience of GTA/MUTA program startup. Association of Standardized Patient Educators, Portland, OR.

The Need for Interprofessional Education is Chronic: Getting In-Sync through Asynchronous Simulations Speakers: Ashleigh Barrickman and Angela Goodhart - AACP Mini-Session Presentation Presented to pharmacists in US Aurora, CO July 2023

Baugh G, Barrickman A. IPE Escape Room: Breaking Out to Learn About Each Other. Presented at American Academy of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting July 2023.

ICU Nurse Orientation with Program Evaluation- Author/ Presenter- International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) 2024, San Diego, CA- Society for Simulation in Healthcare

Training SPs to Give Good Feedback in Rapidly Changing Curricula – Author/Presenter IMSH 2024, San Diego, CA - January 2024


Maynor LM. Adelman M, McGinnis R. Emergency in Ethics: An innovative approach to game based active learning in interprofessional ethics training. J Interprof Educ Pract. 2022;26:1004488.

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Barrickman A, Galvez-Peralta M, Johnson H, Purnell K, Harvey M. Development of an integrated rheumatoid arthritis simulation that reinforces specialty pharmacy and managed care concepts. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning, 2023;15(4):427-436.  doi: 10.1016/j.cptl.2023.04.011.

Barrickman A, Maynor L. Implementation of a Capstone Course with Formative OSCEs to Evaluate Preparedness for Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences. Pharmacy Education 2021;21(1):145-158. doi:

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