Standardized Patient Program

Standardized Patients (SP), Gynecological Teaching Associates (GTA), Male Urological Teaching Associates (MUTA), and Standardized Physical Exam Teaching Associates (SPETA) are members of our community trained to portray patients in complex scenarios to provide experiences in communication, diagnosis, and physical examination skills.

The objective of the GTA/MUTA program is to teach learners how to conduct sensitive exams in a safe, comfortable, thorough, and respectful patient‐centered manner. SPETA, in the same manner, teach the remaining portions of the physical exam in a standardized format. 

Our SP's MUTA and GTA's make a difference in health care education with each encounter.

What is a Standardized Patient?

A Standardized Patient (SP) is a person paid to role-play a real clinical situation to help health professional students learn and/or evaluate clinical skills.

A Standardized Patient must be able to:

  • Memorize and portray a patient case scenario
  • Observe a learner’s behavior
  • Recall the encounter and complete a checklist
  • Provide feedback to the learner

Our SP's are a supportive group who enjoy what they do because they know it’s important to both medical professionals and patients. SP's feel proud of their contribution to medical education.

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