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Harm Reduction Clinic operates syringe exchange


Harm Reduction Clinic with Syringe Exchange

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School of Public Health Kanawha-Charleston health Department


The Kanawha-Charleston Health Department Harm Reduction program was initiated on December 2, 2015 and is a community-wide initiative involving the gifting of manpower from volunteers, Recovery Point, Prestera, and Highland Hospital. This initiative is also supported materially by donors such as Fruth Pharmacy, Cabin Creek Health Systems. The clinic currently receives no financial donations and has no special budget. The center of the program is syringe exchange, designed to reduce sharing dirty needles and therefore reduce incident cases of Hepatitis B and C and prevent HIV, as well as bacterial complications of intravenous drug use. Patients are engaged by recover coaches in the waiting areas in the hopes of moving them from addiction to detoxification and recovery programs. Patients are also offered testing for sexually transmitted illnesses, Hepatitis B and C and HIV testing. We also offer to assess injection sites for signs of infection. We also offer contraceptive services (IUD) for women addicts of reproductive age.


Kanawha & Putnam Counties

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