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Milan Puskar Health Right LIGHT Project runs harm reduction program


Milan Puskar Health Right LIGHT Project

School, Department, or Center

School of Medicine, Department of Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry


Kavara Vaughn, MD Jim Berry, DO


Harm reduction program targeting persons at risk for infectious diseases and other complications from intravenous drug use.  The program includes a syringe exchange program through which persons who use IV drugs are provided with clean needles, syringes, and other drug preparation equipment proven to decrease transmission of infectious diseases in the IV drug using population.  Persons served by the program are also provided education on infectious diseases and linked to mental health and other medical treatment.  Persons at risk for opioid overdose are provided overdose prevention education and naloxone, an opioid overdose antidote that is proven to reduce opioid overdose deaths.

Area Served

Residents of North Central of West Virginia

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