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Overdose education video highlights Naloxone use for opioid overdoses


Overdose Education Video

School, Department, or Center

School of Medicine, Department of Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry


Kavara Vaughn, MD Jim Berry, DO


Naloxone is an opioid overdose antidote that has been proven to save lives.  Recent state-level legislation in West Virginia eliminated barriers, making it easier for healthcare providers to write prescriptions for naloxone and for persons who need naloxone to obtain it and use it to prevent opioid overdose deaths.  Per legislation, those writing prescriptions for or dispensing naloxone must provide overdose education, along with the medication.  BM&P faculty (two addiction psychiatrists), residents, and staff created an educational video that we hope will be used statewide and even nationwide.

Area Served

West Virginia and beyond

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