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Comprehensive Opioid Addiction Treatment provides group-based treatment program using medication assisted therapy (MAT)


Comprehensive Opioid Addiction Treatment (COAT)

School, Department, or Center

Chestnut Ridge Center


Carl Sullivan, MD, FACP


Comprehensive Opioid Addiction Treatment is an outpatient, group-based treatment program for opioid use disorder using Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) developed at West Virginia University. The program has evolved over time based upon clinical experience but guided by empirical studies that have demonstrated that tapering from buprenorphine was ineffective in preventing relapse and that combining MAT with therapy was most successful.  The current iterations is a step-based program dependent on the individual's place in recovery and involves a medical group run concurrently with a psychotherapy/psychoeducation group, individual therapy and requirements for participation in weekly community support (i.e., 12-step programs).  Based upon time in treatment without relapse individual from weekly to bi-weekly and then monthly groups with and without MAT. Over 2000 patients have been treated since 2005 averaging 33 months in treatment.

Area Served

Monongalia County and surrounding counties (Marion, Harrison, Preston, others)


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