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Development and Expansion of a Forensics Drug Database integrates poisoning and death data to predict and prevent drug deaths


Development & Expansion of a Forensics Drug Database, and Integration of Poisoning and Deaths Data to Predict and Prevent Drug Deaths.

School, Department, or Center

School of Pharmacy School of Public Health Injury Control Research Center WV CTSI Pilot Grant -in collaboration with WV Office of the Chief Medical Examiner


Marie Abate, PharmD


Data from all the drug-related deaths in WV have been compiled since January 2005.  The data compiled is comprehensive and include all drugs involved in the deaths together with toxicological analyses, demographic data, key autopsy findings, preexisting medical conditions, etc.  Currently, complete data exist for 2005-2011 and almost all of 2014, and part of 2012.  Work is ongoing to complete data entry for 2012, 2013, and 2015-present. This work will be facilitated by a new CTSI pilot grant that will allow for more individuals to be hired for data entry in the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Further detailed analyses of the data will be conducted, including drugs and drug-drug/drug-alcohol combinations used by zip code & county, gender and age differences in drugs and drug combinations used, among many others.  Once the database is up-to-date, the drug death data will be integrated with poisoning data from the WV Poison Center. This part of the project is funded by the WV CTSI and will allow us to determine the correlation between drug poisonings and death, so that the comparative risk of death from drugs and drug combinations can be better determined.

Area Served

All WV Counties

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