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Study will examine disposal rates of pain medication disposal after counseling


Pain medication disposal in pediatric patients after orthopaedic surgery

School, Department, or Center

School of Medicine, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery


Daniel Grant, MD


Dr. Grant intend to analyze the disposal rates of his patients to his partner's, Dr. Lubicky.  He has been providing routine disposal instructions post surgery for nearly the past year.  Dr. Grant intends this to be a pilot study.  He has increased instructions further to patients and will plan on continuing to do so.  He plans to analyze the results of his more intense process as well.  This will be a follow-up to a study completed during his fellowship, which revealed that pediatric patients' families are very open to disposing of medications with minimal intervention.  Finding a way to get families to dispose of these medications and thus reduce easy access to them is important.  If we discover that simple counseling increases disposal rates significantly, my desire would be to perform a more comprehensive study of post-surgical patients fro meth Children's Hospital and then create a counseling program in the post-operative instructions, with a follow-up analysis of this program.  This would require a much greater set of resources and collaboration.  I would like to see in this pilot study, that has already essentially been performed, whether that intervention would be worthwhile before engaging in this process.

Area Served

All WV Counties

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