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The CoBRE in Addiction Medicine aims to build research programs, establish mentoring programs, and build core research resources


Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (CoBRE) in Addiction Medicine

School, Department, or Center

Center for Neuroscience


George Spirou, PhD


Currently in the pre-proposal stages, the CoBRE in Addiction Medicine has three specific aims to reach the long range goal of reducing the addiction rate and addiction-associated morbidity and mortality.
Aim 1: Build a research program targeting key elements of the addiction life cycle and the ability of clinical programs to validate and deliver the most effective treatments
Aim 2: Establish a strong mentoring program that places junior and senior investigators squarely behind the shared mission of the CAM, and that links with the broader neuroscience research and clinical enterprise at WVU
Aim 3: Build core resources that support basic and translational research and the extension of the COAT program to regions of WV with the highest prevalence of opioid addiction.

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