Feature Blurb

The Feature Blurb should be a short description (one short sentence) that supports your WVU Voice (and your Feature Image, if you are using one) or gives a brief description about your section of the site (Department, Center, etc.). Keep in mind, this area is not a replacement for an "About" page.

Examples of various Feature Areas with the Feature Blurb highlighted.

Feature Blurbs need to use proper punctuation and capitalization (end the blurb with a period, use commas when necessary, etc.). They should also not use university-specific jargon or internal terminology, such as school name abbreviations. 

Guidelines #

  • Keep it brief and concise (one short sentence).
  • Do not use university specific jargon.
  • Do not use internal names/references ("SON, SOM, SPH, SOD, SOP"). These should be typed out entirely in the Feature Blurb (the only exception is "WVU").