Feature Image and Feature Alternative Text

Feature Image #

Feature Images will always be cropped to a 16:9 aspect ratio through the Image Cropper Tool, and must be at least 1200px by 675px in size. Before choosing a Feature Image, read the Brand Center photography guidelines as well as the Choosing an Image Guidelines.

Not all photos are well-suited for use in a Feature Area. Because of the unique way Feature Images adapt to the size of the browser, you should never rely on photos with subjects that appear near the edge of your image. Also, be mindful that the text and buttons of your Feature Area will appear aligned to the left, over top of the image. It is therefore suggested that when shooting or choosing Feature Images that you frame subjects in the right side of the photo.

An example of a Feature Image with guides on where a photo’s subject should be aligned. Guides indicate the area of the image near the top and bottom that could be cropped by the browser.
Feature Images should have subjects or focal points that are away from the edges and aligned to the right-hand side.

You can also download a Photoshop version of the above image to use as a guide.

Click  Click to Upload to add a Feature Image. Keep in mind, Feature Images uploaded are not stored anywhere.

Examples of a Feature Area animating in.

Feature Alternative Text #

The Feature Alternative Text is a short sentence that explains what is happening in the Feature Image. As such, it should be written following the Writing Alternative Text guidelines. The Feature Alternative Text is hidden unless using a screen reader, and is highly important for accessibility. Similar to the Feature Blurb, it needs to use proper capitalization and punctuation. 

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