Randomized Features

Some pages (like the Home Page) allow for multiple Feature sets, called Randomized Features. Each Feature set in the Randomized Features is able to utilize up to four of the standard parts of the Feature Area (Feature Image and Feature Alternative Text, WVU Voice, Feature Blurb, and Feature Buttons). You are also able to add, sort, unpublish, and delete individual Feature sets.

While you are able to unpublish Feature Sets, they should not be treated like Archives. Deleting Feature Sets that are no longer needed keeps things manageable and tidy. It is recommended to have no more than ten Feature Sets at any given time (this includes unpublished Feature Sets).

Creating Feature Sets #

  1. In the "Randomized Features" section, Click  to Create a New Set.
  2. The area will expand down to reveal the four parts of the Feature set. Fill in the desired fields. Keep in mind that a WVU Voice message must be entered for the corresponding Feature set to display.

Sorting Feature Sets #

To the right of the Feature set you want to sort, locate the  Sort icon. Drag and drop the Feature Set to the desired spot.

Unpublishing Feature Sets #

Unpublishing a Feature set is the best way to hide a Feature set that you may want to display again at a later time without removing it. Do not use this as a tool to archive them.

  1. To the right of the Feature set you want to unpublish, locate and click the  Unpublish icon. The Unpublish icon will become a lighter gray .
  2. (Optional) To republish a page, click the   Unpublish icon. The Unpublish icon will turn darker gray  and your story will be republished once you click Save and Publish.

Deleting Feature Sets #

  1. Locate and click the page your Randomized Features are on.
  2. Click the  Delete icon. 
  3. You will be prompted with a dialog "Are you sure you want to remove this?". Click OKNote: This cannot be undone. Be sure you are deleting the correct Feature Set.