WVU Voice

A very brief headline (limited to 55 characters), written in title case capitalization and using proper punctuation. It should create context and further understanding about the Feature Image and its story. It can also be used without an image, as a stand-alone headline. The WVU Voice should be written based on the WVU Voice Guidelines to create consistent tone and verbiage with the brand. For further help writing the areas of your site that utilize WVU Voicecontact your communicator.

Examples of various Feature Areas with the WVU Voice highlighted.

You can also highlight parts of your WVU Voice phrase by surrounding words with double asterisks (**) (Example: Solving Today's **Health Problems.**). This will turn the highlighted words WVU Gold and will push it onto the next line (creates a line break). Be thoughtful about which parts of your phrase you choose to highlight and keep WVU Voice Guidelines in mind. Do not write your WVU Voice in all caps, write it in title case. Umbraco will automatically display the phrase in all caps for you on the live page.

Guidelines #

  • Keep the phrase brief and concise.
  • End the phrase with a period.
  • Do not write the phrase in all caps, and instead use title case: capitalize each word with the exception of articles, conjunctions, and prepositions. The text will automatically be displayed in all caps on the live webpage.
  • Do not remove spaces between highlighted and non-highlighted words.
    (Incorrect: "Solving Today's**Health Problems.**" Correct: "Solving Today's **Health Problems.**")

Accessibility #

  • End your WVU Voice with a period.
  • Do not write your WVU Voice in all caps.
  • Do not remove spaces between highlighted and non-highlighted words.