Text Formatting

Text formatting in the Umbraco Rich Text Editor (RTE) is done using the Formatting Tool Bar.

Formatting Tool Bar highlighted to show buttons used for text formatting.

General Guidelines #

Proper text formatting not only helps improve readability, but is also crucial to meeting basic accessibility concerns. Please be mindful of how you format your text when creating, editing, and updating content.

  • Do not use all caps for your text. Doing so may cause some screen readers and assistive technology to read out each individual letter of your words, instead of the full words themselves.
  • Leave one space between sentences, never two.
  • Be sure to read and follow the Link Guidelines when creating Links and Buttons.
  • Do not use  Decrease Indent or Increase Indent on plain text. They should be used exclusively for Lists.

Clear Formatting #

The Clear Formatting options allows you to strip any use of Bold,  Italics, Buttons (Format), or Image Floats (Format). If you are copying and pasting formatted content, but want to start from scratch with formatting, using the Clear Formatting option would be the most efficient.  Clear Formatting does not remove Heading formats.

Using Formats #

Each website comes standard with three pre-built formats. Using the "Formats" drop-down, you can apply a specific format to highlighted text. Select an item from the list below to learn more about the format and how to use it in your page.

Bolding / Italicizing Text #

 Bold and  italicized text can be used to highlight keywords or emphasize copy. These should never be used on Headings or Subheadings, or purely to make your text "look different". They should also never be used in combination (bolding and italicizing the same word).

How to Bold / Unbold Text #

  1. Locate and highlight the text you would like to bold (or unbold).
  2. Click the  Bold icon in the Formatting Tool Bar.

How to Italicize / Unitalicize Text #

  1. Locate and highlight the text you would like to italicize (or unitalicize).
  2. Click the  Italics icon in the Formatting Tool Bar.

Using Lists #

Bulleted and numbered lists can be used to present steps, groups, or sets of information. When used properly, a list can improve readability and improve clarity.

Learn more about Lists

Accessibility #

Do not use all caps for your text.