Internal Support

This section was created to provide a more detailed and internal, support-focused area where we can keep you (the support team) up-to-date with any changes we have made to Umbraco, as well as identifying issues to help make your support responsibilities a little easier. If you have any issues, or have something you think should be added to this section, feel free to slack or e-mail Rachel.

Recent Umbraco Changes and Additions

A detailed breakdown of all changes made in Umbraco, from basic changes in the Editor to the creation of new Document Types, with links to further documentation.

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Support Concerns

A short and concise list of things we do not/no longer support or recommend, the philosophy behind it, and easily cite-able alternatives and documentation.

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Identified Bugs

A listing of any known bugs (unresolved and resolved) in our installs of Umbraco, along with suggested solutions.

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