Identified Bugs

Current Bugs #

Unable to Edit Existing Images in Content #

Sometimes when clicking on the  Media Picker on an existing image in the Rich Content Editor, the edit dialog box opens but is empty. This bug does not appear to have been identified or fixed in any version (as in, versions that are more recent than ours). There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason why it happens, what pages it affects, or why it sometimes is randomly fixed somewhere it was broken. 

Solution - At this time, the only solution is to manually remove the picture, and re-insert it. This is a purely Umbraco issue and we can't do anything to fix it. 

Pages Using Macros Creating Excessive Line Breaks #

We've identified an issue on pages that use any type of macro which causes any click of the Save and Publish button to add a line break between every element on the page. This will compound with each Save and Publish

Solution - At this time, the only solution is to manually delete the line breaks. We are, however, working on a code-based solution that will find these situations and strip out all the extra line breaks. Until then, just delete excess line breaks.

Pages Using Macros Not Allowing Use of Formats #

We've identified another issue on pages that use any type of macro which disallows any use of the "Formats" drop down.

Solution - At this time, the only solution is to copy and delete the content, "Save" and leave the page, then return to the page and paste the content back. 

Fixed Bugs #

Feature Images with Files Names Containing Capital Letters or Spaces Breaking (Resolved) #

There was an issue at one point where you could not upload a Feature Image with a file name that contained Capital Letters or Spaces. You would be able to upload it and receive no errors, but the picture would be broken on the live site.

Pictures Uploading Sideways (Resolved/not an Umbraco-specific issue) #

This has been identified as an issue with cellphone image uploading to multiple websites, not just Umbraco. I am going to move it to fixed as it is a non-Umbraco specific issue. We've identified an issues with people uploading some pictures taken on a phone, but the picture will be rotated. This seems to be due to something with the phone, despite it appearing correct on the phone and even on the computer, but ultimately being sideways when uploaded. We do not know the conditions that make this happen, and it does not appear to be all photos. We also highly recommend people not take pictures with their cellphones and put them on their websites.

Solution - At this time, the only solution is to open the photo in editing software (it will not display as rotated when opening), and resave it. This seems to force the orientation you are seeing, but is not being reflected upon upload.

Cannot Recover Media Files from the Recycle Bin (Resolved) #

There was an issue where deleted items within the Media Library could not be recovered from the Recycle Bin. This has since been resolved.