October 2018 - Umbraco 7.12.3 Update

As far as we know, there are no known bugs related to the update. If you come across any, please let us know so we can add it to the Identified Bugs page, and work with Support to get it fixed (if possible).

User Interface (UI) Changes #

There have been a few minor (much less than our last Umbraco update in February) changes to UI:

Icon Changes #

A screenshot of two toggle controls. One toggle control is in the the "off" position. The other is in the "on" position.
(Left) A toggle control in the "off" position. (right) A toggle control in the "on" position.

All check boxes have become toggle controls. When in the "off" position, the toggle will be gray. When in the "on" position, the toggle becomes green.

The Info Tab (Formerly the Properties Tab) #

A screenshot of the "Info" tab on the Umbraco Editor for a page.

All URLs for the selected page are now displayed in the first section of the new "Info" tab. This was formerly titled "Link to Document" in the old "Properties" tab.

History #

You are now able to view a paginated history (also viewable via the Audit Trail) of a page's edits. This shows usernames, dates, and page status changes, but in a much more user friendly interface than the standard Audit Trail (which most editors likely don't know exists anyway...well now they will!).

Scheduled Publishing #

Previously hidden behind two small field titles in the old "Properties" tab, this is now a prominent box in the new "Info" tab with some nice typography upgrades. Many editors are not even aware this exists, despite our documentation here in the WCG. Hopefully this will be utilized more by editors now that it is easy to find!

General #

Lastly, this box features the Page Status, and other information originally in the "Properties" tab - Created Date, information about the Document Type and Template, as well as the page's unique ID.

Functionality Changes #

Users and User Permissions #

With this version jump, Arnold was able to utilize a new feature which allows us to have much better control over all users. Believe it or not, everyone (us, editors, system, etc.) has already been smoothly transitioned to this new system and you've likely not even noticed! Arnold has made it so editors are contained within their particular site(s) and unable to see everything else outside of it. They are also confined to their particular Media Library folder, so no more Media Library disorganization chaos (at least at the root level)! While this may confuse users who are used to nebbing into websites other than their own...this allows us much more control, which is always a good thing!

Though we (as administrators) technically have the ability to change these user roles and permissions (we can access these tabs and controls, etc.), please do not! Please speak with Kent and Arnold about any needed changes. 

So, TLDR (too long didn't read):

  • Editors are confined to their own Umbraco site(s)/pages.
  • Editors are confined to their specific group's Media Library folder.
  • Arnold and Kent must be contacted for any user permissions changes.

Miscellaneous Functionality Improvements #

  • You are now able to expand a group of pages by clicking the drop down arrow OR double-clicking.
  • You are now able to move between sections (Content View, The Media Library) and not lose your place (Example: if you are editing a page in Content View, but need to add an image to the Media Library, you will still be on that same content page when you return to Content View.)
  • When  Moving or  Copying a page, the page list will show the expanded tree containing that page.
  • Pages will now warn a user if they are linking to media that has been removed/deleted, displaying the following message above the effected property- "You have picked a media item currently deleted or in the recycle bin".

Bug Additions and Fixes

Support Concerns #

  • Adobe Flash elements are officially prohibited. If an editor comes to you with a desire to add a new element, or edit an existing one on their site and gives you problems, please direct them to contact their communicator or HSC Marketing.