Support Concerns

Adobe Flash Elements #

Why It is Prohibited #

  • Not accessible (though tools exist to help with this, they are limited by old systems and are by no means universal/widespread).
  • Not Responsive.

Alternatives #

If anyone gives you trouble over this, please direct them to contact their communicator or HSC Marketing.

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Tables #

Why We Don't Recommend It #

  • Not Accessible (very cumbersome for screen readers and assistive technology).
  • Not Responsive.

Alternatives #

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Photo Galleries #

Why We Don't Recommend It #

  • Consistently low activity in traffic reports and analytics.
  • Social Media is better suited for large amounts of media, and creates more opportunity to point traffic back to the website.
  • Photo galleries require larger data requests which can cost users money when viewing them on phones or tablets over their cellular network.
  • Almost all photo galleries do not have alternative text for the photos which is an accessibility issue. 

Alternatives #

  • Using Social Media for large groups of photos (flickr, Facebook, etc.)

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Newsletters and Archives #

Why We Don't Recommend It #

  • Consistently low activity in traffic reports and analytics.
  • Excessive page length or page count (either the page is really long, or a page is made for each item, which makes a ton of excess pages).

Alternatives #

  • Linking to a PDF rather than creating content pages. Otherwise, we generally suggest (if they must exist) they go no further back than five years.

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