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WVU utilizes Wufoo Forms on all websites.

If you need to create a form, please email CMS Desk and include the information that you need to have on the form.

Please be mindful of the information you request from others to be collected. Do not request sensitive/private information, such as social security numbers, WVU ID numbers, and payment method information. Also be mindful of HIPAA compliance issues, and do not ask for medical history or patient information.

Adding a Wufoo Form in the Editor #

Once a form has been created, an embed link can be sent to you or the website editor. Go to the page where you would like the form to live.

  1. Place the cursor on a new line in the editor.
  2. Click the  Insert Macro button.
  3. This will present a box to the right with a grid style macro listing. Choose  Wufoo Embed Form, or, if your school bought a Custom Wufoo form choose  Custom Wufoo Embed Form.
  4. toggle control  will be presented to hide the forms header (recommended), as well as a field to add the link to the form under "Permalink". Add the link to the form.
    1. (Optional) Click the toggle control  to hide the header. The toggle control will turn green .
  5. (For Custom Wufoo Embed Form) Add the specific Wufoo Account Name.
  6. Click the Submit button.