Page Maintenance

Once your content is written and you pages are created, regular maintenance is important to keep your content up-to-date. Sorting Pages, Publishing and Unpublishing Pages with re-usable content, and Deleting Pages with out-of-date, non-reusable, and irrelevant content, are all ways to keep your website in tip-top condition.

Creating and Deleting Pages #

Create a page after writing your content or to break down a larger page into multiple smaller pages. Delete a page to help keep your content relevant and up-to-date.

Learn About Creating and Deleting Pages

Saving, Publishing, and Unpublishing Pages #

While it is encouraged to delete outdated and irrelevant content, there are circumstances where a page will become relevant again at a later date. Utilize publishing statuses, or set up automatic publishing date ranges, to keep a handle on the content you can reuse.

Learn about Page Statuses

Sorting Pages #

Sort pages to organize content by name, creation date, sort order, or a custom order.

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Moving Pages #

Move a page, or set of pages, to any part of your website.

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Copying Pages #

Copy a page, or set of pages, to create a duplicate to any part of your website.

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