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Creating and Deleting Pages

Creating Pages #

After writing your content, you are ready to create a page in your website. Creating pages is a great way to diffuse an originally very long page into a shorter page with sub pages. This can help readability and make things much easier to digest for the user.

Guidelines for Naming Pages #

  • Name your pages with keywords in mind. Think of how your page's name will appear in search results.
  • Keep in mind that a page's name will also become it's URL. (Example Page Name will become example-page-name.)
  • Do not abbreviate words in page names. 
  • Do not use all caps for your Page Title. Doing so may cause some screen readers and assistive technology to read out each individual letter of your words, instead of the full words themselves. Always use Title Case capitalization.

Creating a Page #

  1. Click the  Menu/Options button, or right click, on the page you want to create a page under.
  2. Click  Create.
  3. Click the document type (Example: Content Page, Profile Listing, etc.) you want to create.
  4. Review the Guidelines for Naming Pages, then fill in the "Page Title" field.
  5. Add your content (review the Creation section for further details about content creation in the editor).
  6. Click Save and Publish.

Deleting Pages #

Before deleting a page, ask yourself if the page can be re-used at a later time. If so, consider unpublishing the page, then republishing when the content is relevant. Keep in mind: Unpublishing a page should not be a substitute for deleting pages. They do not serve the same purpose.

Deleting a Page #

  1. Right click on the page you want to delete. Note: If you are unable to right click, you can also open the page and click the "Actions" drop down from the top right corner.
  2. Click  Delete.
  3. Click "OK".