Event Location Types

All Multi-Day and Single Day events require an Event Date. Each individual Event Date can hold a single Online Event Location, a single Physical Event Location, or one of each type.

Online Event Location #

Currently there are two types of Online Event Locations, Zoom and YouTube.

Zoom events require a registration link. Posting Zoom meeting information, including meeting IDs and passcodes, is prohibited. Zoom meeting information should be shared privately with each registered member, which is why a registration link is required.

YouTube events require a Url. Until the live event link is available, the Url should point to the YouTube Channel airing the event. This can be updated once the appropriate link is available. YouTube events do not allow for registration to be required due to the public nature of the platform.

Both types also have the option to be marked as "Presented by MDTV", which will add the message "Presented by MDTV" to any marked events.

Physical Event Location #

Within an event, you must choose from an existing item in the Places area, which is where all Locations and Spaces are. Learn how to create a Location or Space.