Event Registration

Some events may require the use of registration, have limited seating, and more. Both online and in-person location types have the ability to add registration information, the only exemption being an Online YouTube event.

The date stub shows an event on Wednesday, April 26th 2023, at Fukushima Auditorium (Room 1901) in Health Sciences Center (North), from 12:15 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. (EST). Registration closes on 4/17/2023 12:00 PM. The event has limited seats, and specifies "17 of 30 seats filled." At the bottom is a button to register for the event.
A screenshot shows how registration settings are displayed in a date stub on a live page.

The events system allows for a variety of registration information and options. Utilizing the specified fields is important for accessibility, and the information should not be repeated in any other editable content areas. Options include:

  • Show if registration is required.
  • Show a deadline for registration. If a date has been added, once it passes a message will be displayed, "Registration is closed."
  • Show if registration is full. The page will display the message "All seats/spots filled".
  • Show if there are limited seats by entering the total number available.
  • Show the number of seats filled by entering the number filled. If limited seats are not filled, this will do nothing. If the two numbers match, the page will display the message "All seats/spots filled".

Registration is required for Online Zoom Events. Posting Zoom meeting information, including meeting IDs and passcodes, on public websites is prohibited. If Zoom is being used for a future event, a registration link should be specified within the event, and the Zoom meeting information should be shared privately with each registered member.

As with any page, once content has been added in Umbraco, the actual page should be viewed. This helps to make sure everything is displaying correctly and mistakes are more easily found.

Registration information for the In-Person Event at Fukushima Auditorium shows the registration date, limited seats and seats available, and notes "Once Registered you will be contacted with further instructions."
A screenshot shows how the registration settings are further explained on a live page.
In the "Dates and Times" tab of the event, the Location has "Registration Required" toggled on, a "Registration Url" link has been added, a "Registration Deadline" date has been set, and "Limited Seats" and "Filled Seats" are specified as 30 and 17, respectively.
A screenshot in Umbraco shows where the Registration settings are within an event.