Event Statuses

If an event date has been cancelled or postponed, it can be adjusted in Umbraco using the Event Status dropdown. This makes a few color changes and displays a message saying "X has been cancelled / postponed" above specific event dates/times. It also adds additional data in the back-end we use to ensure all users get the information. Adding a status change to the description or name of the event is not a fix, especially if there are multiple Event Dates with varying statuses. Setting it in the appropriate field ensures consistent, accessible status changes are displayed across the events system.

Once an event has concluded, the status becomes "past". This works similarly to being cancelled or postponed, but at the top of the Event Page a banner says, "Note: All events have concluded. If you have any questions, 'get in contact' (link which jumps to the event contact area)." There is no setting or dropdown for this, it is automatically applied once the event(s) ending date have passed.

In the "Dates and Times" tab within an event page, a dropdown is shown next to the label "Event Status". The dropdown options are "Postponed" and "Cancelled".
A screenshot of the "Event Status" dropdown within an event in Umbraco.