Interactive Map

The  Interactive Map is a unique, graphic experience of the state of West Virginia, used to show county-specific data on a visual scale. Clicking on a county on the map or in the county list to the right displays a popup with more detailed county-specific information, taken from its corresponding  County

Due to the map's richness and complexity, there should be limited use cases per website. The HSC Web team will work with your communicator to determine if your request is the appropriate type of information to utilize with the map. Approvals are on a case-by-case basis. The creation process will not begin until all data has been provided to the corresponding communicator. Do not create an Interactive Map on your own. The HSC Web team and communicators also reserve the right to, without notice, remove any map created outside of the approval process.

Review the use cases below, contact your communicator, and include the data you would like to be utilized in the map. To see a list of communicators, visit the Website Access Reports Page.

Good Uses of the Map #

  • To show unique research projects by county.
  • To show services offered throughout the state, which vary by county.

Bad Uses of the Map #

  • To show contact information by county.
  • To show staff information by county. All staff information should live in Directories.