Interactive Map FAQ

Before contacting anyone about your problem, please first clear your browser's cache to eliminate the possibility of cached data.

My map / county list is missing a county. What do I do? #

After locating the  Interactive Map in your Umbraco installation, click on the  County which is not showing.  County Page Titles are case and formatting sensitive. Check the spelling and capitalization of the page title. Make sure there are no extra spaces. Ex: "Boone County" is correct, but "Boone  County" (more than one space), "Boone county", "boone County", or "boone county" will not work.

If your Interactive Map is still broken, email CMS Desk.

My map is broken. What do I do? #

Please email CMS Desk.

Yes. Each unique county has its own unique URL. Clicking on a county automatically changes the URL in your address bar (Example: Boone County would be When sharing a unique county URL, the page will show the popup already open and loaded with the corresponding county's information.

How long does it take to get an Interactive Map after submitting a request? #

The timeline is dependent upon the communicator receiving all the needed data and the complexity of the data itself.

I would prefer a different color / a different font / etc. Can you change it? #

The Interactive Map is designed to meet WVU Brand Guidelines and to meet accessibility guidelines for the web. Styles may vary slightly to match the branding of the site it is implemented into, but we do not take custom map styling requests.